Affordable as well as healthy meals… Nutrisystem never let you down!

Hi! My name is Jaime and I work at the Gillen’s Car Wash. All seven of us employees here have been following the Nutrisystem program for the past year. Even though initially, we started the program only to save a few dollars, later, we realized how hugely it helped make our lifestyles healthier. I’ll first tell you all about our journey with Nutrisystem, and then talk about the Nutrisystem promo codes that I got from Debra’s website.

Gillen’s Car Wash is a fifty year old car wash place. Even though the place started very small, now it has seven employees. It also has a number of regular customers who are all very pleased with our service.

I first heard about Nutrisystem from a friend. He told me about how he lost fifty pounds by following the program. It sounded great, but I wasn’t much of a fitness freak, nor did I need to lose any weight. The only thing that impressed me about Nutrisystem was how affordable the food was. I called their office to know more about the program and I took the “Lunch and Snacks” program because the afternoon was mostly when I used to have fast food. I didn’t really have a problem with fast food; I was just worried about how much money I was spending on it.

After telling the other employees at work about my “Lunch and Snacks” program and its affordability, they wanted to join in too. I told them about the program, and gave them some Nutrisystem coupons to begin with, and they were ready to save some money!

Happy with the weight loss results after first month of Nutrisystem

Starting the program because of reasonable prices

We’ve been stressing about Nutrisystem’s affordability, but really, how affordable is Nutrisystem? Let’s just say the program is so affordable that every working person in America can afford it. It helped all seven of us to cut down our spending on food drastically. Our “Lunch and Snacks” pack cost about $3-$6 per day. This was about half the money we would have otherwise spent on our lunch. It was amazing because even these prices could be lessened by the Nutrisystem discount codes.

During the first two months, we were just extremely glad we were saving so much with Nutrisystem. At the beginning of the third month, I started getting told that I looked fitter now. Even my work buddies were getting such compliments. We hadn’t done anything different except from eating the Nutrisystem lunch and snacks. This is when we realized that Nutrisystem really works.

After that, we started taking the program seriously; we searched for Nutrisystem coupon codes in newspapers and websites. We also called the Nutrisystem office to find out more about the program, and ended up taking the entire program. This is when our real fitness journey started.

All seven of us were very excited to take the entire program. We were amazed to know that even the entire program was extremely affordable. A full day meal was priced a maximum of $13. With Nutrisystem coupons, there could be a $2 every single day. A normal day meal otherwise would have cost more than $20 to us, so Nutrisystem was a great deal. In fact, our meal plans were priced only $11. That meant that our entire meal for the day was costing us only about $9. We were saving so much more than we expected to save, and now we even felt like we were getting fitter!

Transitioning from the Lunch and Snacks plan to the entire program

We had the “Lunch and Snacks” plan for about two and half months. After that, we decided to take the entire program. Checking out the meal plans, we found out that they had meal plans for diabetic people and vegetarian people as well. They also had meal plans according to fitness levels. And the best part was: Nutrisystem promo codes worked with all these meal plans!

To be frank, it was pretty tough to stop eating any normal food and start having only Nutrisystem meals; especially because this meant no alcohol. The first few weeks after we changed our program was extremely difficult. All of us were having bad cravings, but our mind was set to save lots of money so we continued the program, resisting our cravings.

Not only salads

Nutrisystem taught us that healthy meal plans don’t necessarily have to be full of salads and boiled vegetables. The program allowed us to choose from a large variety of food. It was crazy to know that even the entire program consisted of menus like those of restaurants. The menus included pizzas, sandwiches and muffins. This was probably to keep back fast food and sweet cravings, and it totally worked!

All their food was packaged properly, most frozen and ready to be microwaved and eaten. It was sort of a problem to us that most of the lunches had to be microwaved, but we got used to that as well. The Nutrisystem discount codes helped a lot to keep following the program despite some of its cons.

Some pros and cons of Nutrisystem (all based on our experiences) are listed below:


  • Great way of saving money
  • Various meals and meal plans to choose from
  • Actually makes you fitter


  • No alcohol
  • Not as tasty as fast food
  • Having to microwave most of the meals

Even though we didn’t begin with intentions of getting fit, now in just a year, all of our bodies look a lot better. After a year of following the program, it is great to say that the Nutrisytem Nutrition Promise is actually not a lie. It guarantees that all the meals they provide are high in protein, high in fiber and have zero trans fat. Their meals use no artificial colors and flavors, and include over a hundred preservative-free foods. We were all getting all these benefits for a very cheap price, thanks to the Nutrisystem coupon codes. Start the program today to save money and get closer to living a fit lifestyle!